Whether you are investigating faith for the first time, revisiting what Christianity is all about, or are a long time Christ follower, we believe you were created to grow and that's why MiddleTree Church exists.

Free this Sunday?

We would love for you to be our guest. MiddleTree is a multi-ethnic, multi-generational, economically diverse church in Saint Louis where we work and worship God together as one. Sundays at 10:30 at 5959 Delmar Blvd, Saint Louis.

Tasha's Story

"Feeling like I don't exist. That is my greatest fear." Loneliness was a real possibility when Tasha moved to St. Louis in 2014. Her husband Zack would be a first year law student, spending long hours with larger than life textbooks. Her colleagues would be left behind in Washington, DC, and she would be working from a home office. She didn't know a soul in St. Louis, and the memory of trying to make friends as a fresh face in DC was haunting.

"It's unbelievable how completely surrounded I feel in St. Louis, though. I already feel truly tethered to the amazing friends God has blessed me with." Instead of a season of isolation, God has created abundance. He is providing community through the MiddleTree friends she does life with. He is blessing Tasha and Zack's marriage with a surprising amount of time to connect, have fun, and even travel together. He is challenging Tasha to pursue relational service opportunities through Big Brother Big Sister and YoungLife. Instead of disconnection, God is faithfully providing a sense of purpose and family.

"I'm not going to stop praying for this, though" she says. "Being part of a church community, investing in close relationships - these are the deepest desires of my heart. And I know that God alone can cultivate these blessings. It's an ongoing process. My job is just to trust in him and follow where he leads... hat can be pretty scary and annoying sometimes, but it's worth it."