Next Steps

Personal growth happens in relationship. At MiddleTree Church, community groups are the heart of our church. They create community and give people a place to learn, grow, and serve. Groups at MiddleTree Church launch three times a year: Spring, Summer, and Fall, and are hosted at sites all around St. Louis. Check out our fall community groups!

Derric & Melissa's story

"There's just no other time all these people would get to hang out together, hear about each other's spiritual walk and things that are going on in their lives, or pray for each other. It's such a diverse mix of perspectives." Getting involved in a community group was an important priority to Melissa Smith when she and her husband Derric started attending MiddleTree Church. Unfortunately, between work schedules and the couple's responsibilities taking care of Derric's mom, they were having a hard time working it into their calendar. So, they decided the simplest solution was to host a community group in their own living room. Now, years later, the Smiths have hosted several groups - including Taco Tuesdays, Total Money Makeover, and  Ferguson/Race Relations discussion group.

"Its been really great to have that second family, to have good role models of marriage, to get support and encouragement from them. We've gone through a lot in the past few years - having Derric's mom live with us, having a baby, deaths in the family." Again and again, Melissa and Derric were surprised and thrilled  when their community group friends would notice and offer to stay with Derric's mom (who lived with them for several years) when Melissa had to run errands,  they helped the couple moved into their new home, and they faithfully prayed with the couple when they were trying to conceive.

By continually sharing prayer requests with their community group, Melissa and Derric have seen God work powerfully in their family and community. The couple has come to believe in the importance of listening to the Holy Spirit's leading when he challenges them to fight for those who can't fight for themselves. Whether it's driving to work alone in the morning, or sitting around their living room with friends, the Smiths strive to always be ready to answer God's call to pray for a friend. "When you see people pray and have results - it ignites you. You wan to see what else you can do!"