who we are

MiddleTree is  a life giving church in Saint Louis that reflects the culture of the communities that surround us. We believe that people are God's greatest treasure. Our church exists because we want to encounter a powerful, living God who changes and transforms lives. Because of what God is doing in our lives, we are committed to loving, serving, and bringing restoration to those around us. We believe we should make every place better physically and spiritually - starting with our city.

How we got our name...

MiddleTree is  a play on two themes.

1. The life, death, and resurrection of Christ is central to what we believe. Jesus was hanged on a tree. "Here they crucified him, and with him two others - one on each side and Jesus in the middle" John 19:18

2. Saint Louis is a divided city. Our vision is to bridge the "division". What would communicate the love of God louder to a racially and socio-economically divided city than a church that truly unites the communities that surround it? MiddleTree is a display of life among the division.  

See our story on NPR. news.stlpublicradio.org/post/new-church-looks-heal-racial-divides-both-internal-and-external

Alex's story

"I read a section in The Reason for God by Tim Keller that explained how important community is to a Christian's faith. And I didn't really like this. But I decided, well, I guess I can give it a try at MiddleTree." Joining a community group was Alex's first step beyond being just a Sunday church attender. Before long, he and his wife Nila were actually hosting a community group in their home.

"I am growing in my appreciation of Christian friendship, and I am more evangelistic than I have ever been." Lately Alex finds himself sharing books that have inspired him in his understanding of Scripture, inviting acquaintances to MiddleTree from time to time, and privately praying for people when God brings them to mind. "It never would have occurred to me to pray for strangers in the past! Or to invite someone to Catholic mass."

Brian and Mary Schmidgall's commitment to seeking God's kingdom within the Delmar Divide continues to be an inspiration to Alex. "They are so invested. It's not like a job for them, it's a mission." Even if exploring community groups and sharing his faith may still feel like a step beyond his comfort zone, Alex knows that it is quickly becoming more important to him to grow spiritually than to stay comfortable.