To reach those who are hurting and haven't heard.

The Church is a unique organization whose purpose is not its own members. In fact, our lives actually become invigorated when we begin to live in mission serving our world and Saint Louis through the compassion and kindness of the Gospel. Many people plateau in their faith because they want to receive more from God when, in actuality, what may be stalling their faith is their lack of offering.

Throughout the year we will host serving opportunities for you to grow through trips and events.

At the beginning of the pandemic, we delivered “Boxes of Hope” to the homes of those at most risk.

Mission Partners

We can’t reach everyone or address every need, but we can help partner with those who are committed to serving here in Saint Louis and around the world. Here are a list of those we’ve partnered with in ongoing support.

Saint Louis

Emily Nienheus, Foster Care
Chris & Laura Wiggs, Church Plant
Jerry & Lisa Harris, Assisting Church Plants
Tim Needham, At Risk Youth
Matt & Tracie Herman, University Students


Markus & Helena Wolff, UKRAINE
Ryan & Lisha Brubaker, NEPAL
Bob & Judy WIllard, CLEVELAND OHIO