We believe that beginning & deepening your relationship with God & others happens best in the church...and that's why we are here.

Are services being held?

Yes. We are currently offering services virtually online and In-Person.

What is service like?

Practical, Biblical teaching. A relaxed, friendly community. Engaging music. Services that last 75 minutes. Coffee every Sunday.

Do you have a place for kids?

Every weekend, kids (6 weeks through grade 2) experience a safe, fun atmosphere in MiddleTree Kids. More than just childcare, our programs are designed to teach the Bible in a fun, creative way.

Is there a dress code?

Please wear what is comfortable for you! As long as you have clothes on, you’ll fit right in.

Will I have to say anything or be singled out?

You won’t be singled out in any way, you don’t have to sing along if you don’t feel comfortable, and you won’t be expected to give when we receive the offering.

We do have a Connection Card available to fill out in case you have questions, need prayer, or are interested in any of our events or resources. This card is only used to help us serve you better. You will not be spammed.